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Wolodja Wentland:


Great noodles that taste just like those I had in Taiwan (Taiwanese beef noodles). Good authentic food that is best shared with friends.


Chiawen Lee:





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21品味旅游网:爱丁堡旅游景点 > 卡尔顿山




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英国行第五天:苏格兰之爱丁堡   2014-07-23


王子大街风情(Princes Street)(八):广场的东面建筑二层是中国餐馆。我们晚餐的地方——鸿福酒家


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【UK】不列颠日记by 甜茶sn | 在路上旅行·分享·发现    Day19 2013.12.20




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5月英伦之浮光掠影(5)   2013-06-12 17:05:36




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[原创] 爱丁堡攻略   2010-10-24 21:29





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The restaurant attracts a lot of Chinese patrons, and as such cooks food traditionally. Maybe this isn't suitable for Westerners, and as such avoid anything spicy if you're not used to it - in particular anything from Sichuan which has the hottest food in China. Me and my girlfriend (Chinese) thought it was very good, and very traditional.





I've been to the hongfu five times and I have never been disappointed with the food. There are two menus (English and Chinese), although you're likely to only to be offered the English menu if that's your mother tongue. The food on the English menu is still more traditional tasting than the average Chinese restaurant but if you want something a bit different the Chinese menu can offer this (just be sure to ask for a full description from the waiter as some of the items don't give a full english definition).




Hamilton Parish, Bermuda:


Passed by this place on our way to some fried pizza/hamburger/haggis/Mars bars (yes, all in one meal). Decided to come back for dinner the next day. Unfortunately it was after a movie, so we were a bit panicked cuz it was 10:30pm and they close at 11. Most restaurants would give you attitude or turn you away, especially at that hour, but they were happy to seat us. We ordered the potstickers, beef noodle soup, duck and chicken fried rice, pig ears, roasted peanuts, green beans and braised pork. Every dish was excellent, and we're Chinese so we have pretty high standards. Potstickers were homemade, as were the noodles in the soup, which made it that much better. Pig ears tasted the same as in Asia. Green beans were good, and I normally hate veggies. The braised pork was out of this just melted in our mouths.


It was so good that we went back for lunch to try their homemade dumplings, also delicious. Like other reviews have mentioned, there were a lot of Asian customers, which I guess validates their authenticity. Overall, an excellent restaurant with outstanding food and great service. Extremely pleasant surprise for being in Scotland. Would definitely go back and recommend.




Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom:


We ate here twice and enjoyed both meals.

Most of the other diners were Chinese and the menu appeared to be authentic, featuring pigs ears and trotters. I only wish that I had been brave enough to try the fried Jellyfish.


Staff lovely and quite attentive.



Stephen S

Oxford, United Kingdom:


Stumbled on this place by accident but what a find. My wife and I were on holiday in Edinburgh and ended up going there every night because the food was so brilliant. The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming (the manager even arranged a special dish for my wife because she was coming down with a cold). And the food was really superior quality. The place had a lot of Chinese people who knew where to find a proper Chinese meal, rather than the usual tired 'British Chinese' version you get most places. That said, they can do all the usual favourites as well - but with a superior twist. For a real treat, ask them what they have on the Chinese menu (they have a separate menu in Chinese for the discerning), or just give them an idea of what sort of thing you fancy and they'll suggest something. It's the first restaurant we'll head to next time in Edinburgh.


Visited February 2012


Worth seeking out.




Scarborough, North Yorkshire:


I came here with my seventy-something parents on a pre-Christmas shopping treat. They were both so knackered after the day's shopping (we were staying at the Princes St Suites over the road) that we didn't have much choice. Tacky noodle bar or nowt. 


In truth, it was fantastic. One-dish meals are the thing: noodles, soups or rice-based stuff. Service was just lovely. No pretentions at all: you're not pressurised into ordering starters, fizzy water, or any of the fancier stuff on the menu. If you want to wash your hot noodle soup down with a nice single malt, then so be it. Mum said it was like Hong Kong. Dad slurped his crispy noodles like something from the seventies. The bill was embarrassingly small. I'd kill for a place like this opposite my house. I wish eating out was always like this.




Liverpool, United Kingdom:


Didn't expect much from the outside but was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was spacious, clean and nicely decorated. The staff were super friendly and courteous. The menu was a bit confusing (look out for the lung/ear/trotter). The food was simple but delicious, and plenty of it. We had the kebab starter, which was just the right size and really tasty. I followed that by the curry noodles. Mmmm. It cost the two of us about £25. I would definitely recommend this place.

Visited December 2011







There are few things as warm and satisfying as fresh noodles and the Hongfu does them well. 


I pop in here for a quick meal and to get away from the crowds during the festival, and also for celebrations with mates. The food is always great - tasty, fresh, good clear flavours and light sauces. 






We saw the restaurant did a lunch time deal however as we'd been out all day missed this but went in the evening for dinner.

From the outside the restaurant looks a bit seedy however once you go the stairs into the restaurant its a bit more visually appealing.


Staff were quite helpful and made suggestions to help us decide on our meal.

I went for the curried prawn noodles and the hubby went for fried haddock on a noodle bed. both dishes were delilous and very filling. The portion sizes were also very good and although hubby thought they were expensive, I thought it wasnt too bad.

A main meal is enough to fill you up.


We also shared a deep fried ice cream dessert, this was yum but I dont think the price of dessert ( one scoop of ice cream) justified the price (about 4pounds).

I would like to return back to this restaurant if time permits as I enjoyed the food.

Picture to follow soon.. :)


Restaurant is on Waterloo place, few doors down from the travel lodge on waterloo place.


Visited June 2011

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